Call for Papers and Submission Guidelines

We invite submissions in the following categories: Papers, Communications, Letters to the Editors, Squibs and Discussions.

Papers present thoroughly conducted experiments in which an intuitive and plausible idea has failed. The paper should start with an abstract of approximately 150-200 words. We suggest a maximum article length of approximately 30 pages.

Communications present counter-examples to accepted conjectures or to previously published results. We expect the same technical and presentation quality as for regular papers.

Letters to the Editors include statements of opinion on issues specific to the journal. The editorial board will decide on the appropriateness of publishing the submitted letters.

Squibs and Discussions include short presentations of issues and ideas related to negative results in specific areas or domains, the effect of such results on research and other ideas of interest to the journal readership.

Submissions must be original. They cannot be under review for, or pending publication in, another journal. We will publish work that has previously been reported in conferences or workshop, on the condition that the work has been substantially extended to fit journal submission standards.

Submissions must be in English, in PDF, formatted according to the style files available at

Submit your paper to jinr at eecs dot uottawa dot ca (c/c to nastase at fbk dot eu and szpak at eecs dot uottawa dot ca).